What Students Are Saying

What Students Are Saying About Betsy…

“I’ve never had a class like this one! This should be required for everyone from officers to dispatchers to supervisors!”

“Great program!” I wish I could have had this 25 years ago.”

“This is the only gender-specific program I’ve seen offered in 20 years.  As a trainer, I’ll be able to take so much information back to my own students.”

“Betsy is the best instructor by far that I’ve ever had.”

“Until today I didn’t like ‘gender-specific’ classes. This was realistic and invaluable.”

“Thanks for teaching me to be a warrior, not a victim!”

“I came into this class with a closed mind, but the instructor was AMAZING and the information invaluable!”

“I now know that male and female differences are a positive thing; thanks for helping me appreciate my brothers on the street!”

“This class is one of the best! Betsy is a great leader, teacher and cop!”

“You have motivated me to get excited about my job again! I will prepare to WIN. Thank you so much!

“Sgt. Smith is a great speaker. She has motivated me to want to do more and learn more to better myself personally and professionally.”

“Betsy made me “feel” the information and renewed my love of the job.”

“Honest, witty education we can start using today! Straight up REALITY! I drove 175 miles to attend this class and I would do it again!”

“Upbeat attitude was great! The stories and examples given brought this training session to life and made it relevant.”

“Wow! What did I consider the most effective? EVERYTHING! Amazingly wonderfully inspiring and informative! Betsy is phenomenal” 

“She is articulate, hilarious and very informative.”  

“The subject matter is so important to females in law enforcement; here have been so many “Ah-ha” moments today for me.  Great class!”

“This was the best training I’ve had in 18 years.  Most effective instructor I’ve ever had.  I will never forget her message.”

“She taught me a great deal today, and made me aware of things I would never had thought about, if not for this class.”

“I totally left with a new inspiration and view.”


 What Students Are Saying About Dave Smith and The Winning Mind…

“The sincerity of the instructor was incredible – he believes in what he’s teaching.”

“Perfect mix of humor and serious, thoughtful training.”

“Dave Smith and ‘The Winning Mind’ are why I’m alive today.”

“Extremely well-read instructor with an extraordinary understanding of our society.”

“Dave Smith was the highlight of our conference!”

“The experience and knowledge that Mr. Smith possesses is more than evident in his training. This was a great class!”

“Dave put ‘optimism’ in perspective for me and gave me a new direction to back to my own students. I’ll be a better trainer for having seen Dave Smith!”

“In 25 years this is the best class I’ve even attended! I’ll be telling my entire agency about ‘The Winning Mind’ and Dave Smith!”

“I wish everyone could attend ‘The Winning Mind!’ It should be mandatory for everyone in law enforcement.”

This is valuable information that can be utilized immediately. Thank you for brining such passion to the topic.”

“He had a great message: I WILL WIN!” 

“It was great to have an instructor who really understands ALL aspects of police work!”

“This training should be mandatory for ALL officers and dispatchers!”

“Just as knowledge excels ignorance to the naive, so affirmation excels confirmation to those with the wisdom of experience. Dave Smith is spot on.”