Training For the Risk Thermostat

Risk is phenomenon that law enforcement officers actively seek in their lives. Traditional training has failed to recognize the need to reinforce the perception of risk in law enforcement. Each of us not only has a tolerance of and for risk, we each also have an emotional demand for risk – and it is that demand, balanced by our fear and knowledge and skills, that gives real satisfaction to our lives and courage to react.

“Training For the Risk Thermostat” premiered at the 2001 American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers Conference in Orlando, Florida and was later introduced into the Calibre Press “Street Survival” seminar in 2004.  Conducted by Dave Smith, this workshop explores the effect of routine on human performance, and demonstrates how a lowered perception of risk increases the probability of officers taking greater risks, even in today’s atmosphere of increased officer deaths and catastrophic injuries. This presentation is based on current and on-going research and is a must for all agencies concerned with modernizing their training programs.