The Winning Mind™ for Armed Citizens

Schoolcraft June 2011 020Renowned law enforcement trainer Dave “JD Buck Savage” Smith first presented The Winning Mind to police officers in 1987.  Since then it has evolved into one of the most remarkable and inspiring training experiences available to law enforcement personnel. Dave and his wife Betsy also present “The Winning Mind for Women” which adds principles of ‘gender intelligence’ to career and officer safety training.

The Smiths are now bringing 30 years of research and experience to the civilian market for the first time.  As avid shooters, hunters, hunter safety instructors, and armed citizens, Dave and Betsy believe that firearms owners need more than range training to be safe and confident in their force decision making.

We examine the key components of peak performance as armed individuals, including who survives and why, and the roles that optimism, risk, and resiliency play in our everyday lives. Dave and Betsy present an entertaining & inspiring program designed to help anyone optimize their odds of winning any confrontation from start to finish.

The Winning Mind for The Armed Citizen is updated continuously and can be customized for any event or audience.  In their unique, energetic style, Dave and Betsy Smith give participants the mental edge they need to make proper, split-second force decisions. In this multi-media session, they will discuss:

  • The science of crisis decision-making.
  • Defining “winning” from the beginning to the end of a confrontation.
  • When, why and how to engage (or not engage).
  • Who wins and why?
  • Real-world visualization techniques that work!
  • Bringing your family into ‘your world’ as an armed citizen.
  • Understanding the role beliefs play in winning confrontations.
  • What is true “optimism” and it’s affect on your force decisions.
  • The role of “Warrior Ethos” in all aspects of force decision-making.
  • Understanding your own “Risk Thermostat.”
  • Preventing panic, the “archenemy of survival.”
  • Being truly resilient after a setback!

This workshop is perfect for individuals, couples and families who want to combine their firearms skills with the same winning mindset that has been saving law enforcement lives for decades! Dave Smith’s The Winning Mind for the Armed Citizen truly has something for everyone.