The Winning Edge

Endeavor to Serve, Train to WIN

Dave “J.D. Buck Savage” Smith first presented The Winning Mind in 1987. Since then it has evolved into one of the most popular training experiences ever attended by law enforcement personnel nationwide. Now Dave has teamed up with officer survival and tactical expert Chief Ed Delmore for two days of unique, highly effective training and information for today’s law enforcement professional. Attendees will learn how to become more proficient at detecting, apprehending and documenting criminal activity. They’ll study the key components of peak performance and the roles that optimism, risk and bureaucracy play in our personal and professional lives. The instructors will discuss a variety of topics including recognition prime decision making, realistic community engagement, critical incident response, panic inoculation and so much more.

The Winning Edge can be attended by anyone who works in a law enforcement agency. In their unique, energetic style, Lt. Smith and Chief Delmore will give men & women the mental, physical and tactical edge they need to be safe and successful in today’s complex policing atmosphere. This event is perfect for patrol officers, investigators, gang and drug personnel, trainers, correctional officers, police dispatchers, supervisors, managers and anyone involved in ‘boots-on-the-ground’ law enforcement. In this two-day, multi-media session the instructors will discuss concepts such as: What makes someone truly a “winner?”

  • The “art” of roadside interviews
  •  Detecting deception, salvaging turndowns
  • Understanding the role “beliefs” play in winning
  • What is true “optimism?”
  • The science of Crisis Decision Making
  • The “Not Today” mindset, every day, on every shift
  • Successfully detecting hidden compartments
  • The function of “Guardianship” and “Warrior Ethos” in policing
  • Examining your own Risk Thermostat.
  • Using in-car & body cams to enhance safety, increase convictions
  • Being truly resilient after a setback!

The Winning Edge is continuously updated to address current topics and evolving trends in the world of policing. Learn how both individuals and organizations can become highly successful & truly resilient. Don’t miss this premier event!