The Love/Hate Relationship Between Cops and Dispatchers

Recognizing the Dispatcher/First Responder Role in Public Safety Organizations

Cops and dispatchers are trying to do essentially the same job from two very different locations and perspectives.  They often have separate rules, dissimilar shifts, and frankly, neither entity truly understands the other.  Recognizing “The Love/Hate Relationship” through this seminar can bring dispatchers, first responders, and their supervisors and managers together like no other training offered on the market today.

This interactive, multi-media session will give attendees the insight they need to bridge the gap between line personnel and the dispatchers and call-takers that support them, and help everyone see, hear and feel what is happening on both sides of the microphone.  As public safety organizations, we must recognize that the actions, instincts, and expertise of a good dispatcher can play a vital role in police officer safety and survival, and managers must bring both sides together to work as a team.

A dispatcher can be a police officer’s life-line in a dangerous encounter.  This workshop will give everyone who attends new insight into bringing those on the street and those in the communications center together.

This course will provide additional insight on:

  • Helping dispatchers understand officer survival tactics on and off the street.
  • Understanding the unique stressors dispatcher face on every tour of duty.
  • Applying “warrior values” to the dispatch function.
  • Defining respectful and “tactical” communication techniques for all personnel.
  • Bringing dispatchers and officers together before, during and after a critical incident.
  • How you and your personnel can communicate effectively within your organization…really.
  • Helping personnel develop successful leadership skills, regardless of rank or assignment.
  • Why you should drop the phrase “team player” from your management vocabulary and learn to become a truly functional team.

Watch this video where Betsy discusses a few tips to keep in mind in order to keep this relationship on good terms.