Dave Smith’s “In My Sights” – EXPANDED VERSION

3rd edition cover

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He started flying airplanes at 14, fought forest fires on a “hot shot” crew at 19, and when he turned  twenty-two he became a beat cop in the most crime-ridden city in the United States. To Dave Smith, life is not something to be lived, it’s an adventure to be experienced, and Dave shares some of his most memorable moments in his newly expanded book, “In My Sights.”

With 33 new chapters, this collection of humorous essays by the creator of the J.D. ‘Buck’ Savage, “In My Sights” contains lessons in leadership, perseverance, forgiveness, tolerance, survival and so much more. This book is guaranteed to make you think, weep, question, remember, and of course, laugh out loud. It’s everything you expect from one of America’s top law enforcement trainers, and so much more. Like Dave Smith himself, this book is “enterTRAINment” at its very best.

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“As I read this compendium of wit, wisdom and humor, my mind thought of situations that I was in, that somewhat paralleled the ones you described.
We were in a profession that allowed us to experience the full range all emotions, exposed to life’s oddities, violence, tragedy and joy. We would see people enter life at birth and exit life at death, we would apply our gallows humor to cope. All of which are covered in your book.
I find it most entertaining to read a book, that is written in the style that the author speaks, you have accomplished this very well, it is you on paper, no doubt. This alone should make it very popular among your many fans.
Best of luck with “In My Sights,” it was a real good read.”
Tom Reilly (NYPD)

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