Dave Smith’s “In My Sights” NEWLY EXPANDED!

3rd edition coverWith 33 new chapters, this collection of humorous essays by the creator of the JD Buck Savage, “In My Sights” contains lessons in leadership, perseverance, forgiveness, tolerance, survival and so much more.

This book is guaranteed to make you think, weep, question, remember, and of course, laugh out loud. It’s everything you expect from one of America’s top law enforcement trainers, and so much more.

Like Dave Smith himself, this book is “enterTRAINment” at its very best. More Information

The “Buck Pack”

The “Buck Pack” consists of two 4″ square stickers, and one silicone bracelet with “NOT TODAY” and “THE WINNING MIND.” The two stickers are “Saw Drunk, Arrested Same” and “Watch the Hands”, and are printed on durable vinyl stickers.

The silicone wristband is one-size-fits-most, and made in the USA. More Information