Leadership for Optimal Performance

Dave Smith’s Leadership for Optimal Performance addresses the critical truth that “leadership” is not the function of a particular position within an agency, but rather what one does with the position one is in.  This program identifies and explores the skills each of us needs to bring out the best in ourselves and in others.

Dave examines some of the traits found in the greatest leaders in history, and helps students apply those traits and skills to their own situations.  Students gain an awareness that we are the “leader” when we talk to a victim of a crime on the phone, dispatch an officer, arrive at a chaotic scene, advise a trainee on the proper way to search a building, run a staff meeting or manage an entire organization.  This awareness is a major step in seeing our critical role in the success of our agency’s mission, no matter what our position, rank, or function.

This workshop explores how true leaders can obtain the best performance from their people while at the same time combating the effects of routine, organizational stress and the roles imposed on them by bureaucracy.  Dave incorporates elements from some of his most popular courses including “Buck Savage and the Power of Positive Annoyance,” “Training for the Risk Thermostat” and “The Winning Mind.” Leadership for Optimal Performance is one of the most unique law enforcement training experiences available today, and is appropriate for all personnel, from dispatchers and recruits to chiefs and sheriffs.