Don’t Whine… Win!

Betsy in Action!This course is the result of over twenty years of continuous research and is designed to provide all personnel with science-based, real world knowledge of gender differences. It demonstrates how that information can be harnessed to improve performance, morale, relationships, and most importantly, officer safety.

Sgt. Betsy Brantner Smith (ret.) will guide students through an intensive, interactive session that provides attendees with up to date information they can employ to improve and enhance their professional and personal lives, as well as those of their staff members and co-workers.  We start with the history of warrior values and then add gender-specific science and leadership principles that anyone can use to help themselves and their employees avoid a “victim-based mentality,” and learn to truly motivate and improve morale. The multimedia format keeps students on the edge of their seats, while providing tips and tactics that attendees can use to foster better organizational communication, and enhance training and mentoring programs. We provide information attendees can  adapt for personal use long after the conference has concluded.

We’ll discuss training, equipment, off-duty survival, mentoring, defining success, relationships, promotion, dealing with bureaucracy, learning to forgive but not forget, and how to truly become a leader within the organization while helping others do the same. This course will inspire, motivate, and encourage each student to help the women and men of their organization to excel and to win, regardless of the assignment!