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JD Buck Savage Welcomes You

Dave “JD Buck Savage” Smith has been a law enforcement icon for nearly four decades. In 1998, Dave and his wife, police trainer and prolific author Betsy Brantner Smith, combined forces to create Dave Smith and Associates and “Winning Mind Seminars.” Together the Smith’s provide law enforcement training and consulting services that are unique, proven, and constantly updated.

Traveling to all 50 United States as well as to Canada, Mexico, the Balkans, the United Arab Emirates, and more, Dave and Betsy bring unparalleled experience, integrity, and commitment to the ever-changing world of policing and beyond.

The Smiths believe that the best way to honor our fallen is to tell their stories and learn from their sacrifices. Their training philosophy is that “survival” is minimalistic and that we must strive to WIN in every aspect of life.  To that end, “Winning Mind Seminars” celebrates those warriors who have won life and death confrontations physically, tactically, legally and emotionally.